Kommande och pågående förändringar gällande webbutiken

Hello friends! Major changes are upcoming in the near future and Komboloi smycken och böneband will cease to exist in its present form. I built the webshop myself on the open-source platform PrestaShop and from the start there have been numerous problems. The last, decisive one was when all images disappeared, and not even my web host was able to restore them. I could just quit, but I still have many products in stock. I will cease the production except for special / custom orders and go back to what I started with, Rosaries and Komboskini, as the new name Komboloi böneband will reflect upon. As an addition I will also do Malas per request, and I’m aware that this to some people may be wild echumenics beyond the acceptable, but to those there are a plethora of more traditional venues that make beautiful Rosaries and Komboskini.
More news soon!

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